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New Athlete Assessment

For Athletes who are new to Victory Performance & are interested in joining an athlete training program.

1 on 1 New Athlete Assessment 

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Highschool Athlete Performance 

Do You Want The Edge on the Competition?
If you or your athlete wants to unlock their athletic potential, this is for you! Athletes that are explosive and fast have a huge advantage over those who simply focus on sport skills. You've seen how much importance has been placed on combines, showcases, and other ways of measuring an athlete's athleticism...and with good reason. 
9 times out of 10, the stronger, faster athletes win. On the field. On the court. and even when it comes to getting the scholarship or the contract...those athletes come out on top. How would you like to get the competitive edge and gain confidence knowing you're going to be able to go through or by a defender...or that you're more prepared than the competition?
That is exactly what we are going to help you unlock in our VPSC Performance classes.

It is our job to produce great athletes. While we don't work on the sport specific skills that are required to be a great player- that's the coach's job and they're experts at it- we create better athletes that have the power, speed, agility, and quickness to make those skills much, much, more valuable.


Middle School Athlete Performance 

Looking to get your middle school athlete an inside edge on speed, strength, and conditioning? Our middle school athlete training camp is our sports performance program geared towards middle school athletes from 6th-8th grade. The program provides all the fundamentals of successful performance training in convenient two-day a week, 60 minute a day training sessions. These years are crucial for establishing maximum athletic performance and reducing future injuries. Athletes who train at Victory Performance get injured less, miss less practice and game time, and reach higher levels of performance as a result.  

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