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Workout with Kettlebells

For Athletes. And those who want to train like one.

Our Services

Victory Performance offers a variety of Coaching services to help you reach your individual performance, fitness, and health goals!


Click on the services below to learn more about how Victory Performance can help get you from where you are to where you want to be!

After Training

Athlete Performance Training 

VPSC has helped thousands of athletes over the last 13+ years get faster, stronger, and more powerful! All while building athletes bodies to be resilient to the demands of their sport! 


Adult Fitness & Performance

These 60-minute group training classes are perfect for the busy adult who wants to live an active & healthy life OUTSIDE of the gym! Decrease your pain, improve your function, and set the foundation for a lifetime of vitality, and longevity!  

Our Team

Angie B.,

Personal Training Client 

Robert is the best trainer I have ever had, and I have had many. I know my father and my neighbor agree. My pain has improved at least 50% in the past four months due to Robert's incredible understanding of the body and how it works. He always knows just what to do to decrease my pain. I also very much appreciate his "building block" approach to strength training that has me feeling much stronger without a lot of post-workout muscle pain. Robert is very personable and will brighten your day highly recommend him!

Bruce B.,

 Personal Training Client

Victory Performance is the perfect place to get in shape. In my case, being 77 years old and not working out for awhile I needed help. I've had a number of trainers over the years, and some of them really good, but Robert is a step above.
He is knowledgeable, and explains why the exercises he has me doing are right for me. He is personable and I feel he really cares how l'm doing. He starts every session with asking me how I felt after the last workout. I am noticeably in better shape. I have better flexibility and stability. I would highly recommend Victory Performance to anyone looking to feel better all around.

Stephanie M.,

Personal Training Client

My middle school daughter is a competitive soccer and basketball player. When she had to take time off to recover from surgery, we wanted her to stay in shape, but more importantly we wanted her to keep moving so she felt like she was still involved and a part of something. Working with Maddie made a huge difference for her mental health and kept her strong when she couldn't actually play the sports she loves. Maddie helped her set goals and every week they would measure progress towards those goals. We have really enjoyed our time with Madie and are grateful for all she has done for my daughter.

Join VPSC and take your training to the NEXT LEVEL!


Our coaching staff implements effective, efficient, science-based programming for athletes and adult clients alike. Improve performance and decrease injury risk with us at VPSC!

Relentless Consistency

Consistent and persistent striving towards a goal, driven by your "why". Individuals with relentless consistency make small and sustainable changes, have routine, and do things they don't always love, in pursuit of their goals. Our members and coaches know consistency is a key factor in success!



For over 13 years we have helped thousands of athletes improve their performance and prepare for the demands of sport and life. Whether you want to run faster, jump higher, or get in better shape, VPSC is the place to do it!


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