Training Should Build You Up

How many physical challenges you encounter in your daily life allow you to customize the level of stress you will experience? Probably not many. That couch you have to pick up when you help your friend move doesn’t get lighter. The staircase you walk up and down doesn’t get shorter. One of my favorite parts of strength and conditioning is that it’s adjustable to you and your abilities. Why? So that your workouts can build you up and not break you down.

When it comes to training, we adjust the difficulty all of the time. Maybe you’re a beginner or you’ve taken a break from training for a few months. No worries, we just need to find what you can handle today. Are you having trouble with a certain exercise being too difficult? Find a weight or range of motion that is tolerable. Can’t run? Power walk. Can’t power walk? Let’s try a bike! Once we find a place to start, we do the things we can handle repeatedly. This gives our body time to adapt to the new stress.

As time goes on and we feel the exercises we’ve been doing are no longer challenging enough, we add a bit more difficulty. This requires us to be honest with ourselves. Is this too easy for me? Or is this too hard? Can I do this repeatedly?

If you’re new to training, the best thing to do is find a way to start and get the ball rolling. Your body will thank you.

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